Why move your sports betting business offshore?

Going offshore has become less a strategic advantage and more a necessity. The sports betting business is so competitive that starting a full service shop is an extremely expensive operation. Bookmakers don’t really understand the costs and expertise involved in software licensing, call center management, technology equipment and the task of hiring experienced staffing.

We are offering bookmakers or bookies like you an offshore solution to that. We are telling you that, instead of moving to an offshore environment and start an expensive post-up operation, you can maintain local control of players and handle payouts and collections in a traditional way, while we manage the operational part of your business. Thus, with a price per head arrangement, you reduce your costs and overhead risks as well as conducting your offshore business privately and confidentially.

247pph.com offers you a way to protect your wealth and assets and gives you the potential of growing your capital while you just handle the important aspects of your business. No problems, less worries. Just let your money grow, while you sit back and relax.

According to Gartner, a research and analysis company, “a quarter of traditional IT jobs in Western countries will move to offshore locations.” By all projections, offshoring should continue to see unprecedented growth and will dominate business strategies in the coming years.

Thus, if big Fortune 500 companies are going offshore, shouldn’t you go offshore as well?

$10 per head or less for World Class bookie services. We are your complete solution for a virtual office. You will no longer have to set and moving lines, take wagers over the phone, grading those wagers, and keep track of your player’s figure. Your customers will have the option to wager 24-7 on virtually every sport imaginable, plus have more options to wager on each sport.

Register or Call today, at 888-274-7630, we will help you to set up your account.

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