MLB Weekend’s Best Bets After the Break

The first half of the MLB season is in the sportsbooks and it was a great one. There were a few surprises along the way and there were a lot of expectations met. There were also some big letdowns. Take a look at who has set their fans down this season and who the biggest disappointments in baseball are…

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The Royals are probably the worst team in baseball and there is a valid reason for this; team ownership cares nothing about winning. They don’t go after anybody and they are not committed to pitching in any way shape or form. The Baltimore Orioles are close to being as bad if not worse and they are in the same boat as the Royals. They just ditched their best player and sent Machado packing across this great country and to a Dodger blue uniform. This will certainly help the Dodgers, but will it get them over the hump?

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The Dodgers have big wood, and they get after it at the plate but what about their pitching, can it hold up for the rest of the season? That is doubtful, really, the Dodgers play in maybe the most competitive division in all of baseball and it will be a difficult task for them to maintain much of a lead going down the stretch.

So, who is the best bet this weekend?

The Astros and Mariners are playing weak teams and coming off the break, this is a good thing. They both have the drive and the Mariners have the need and although one can make the argument for the Astros having the need to win as well; it’s simply not the same. The Mariners are still a couple of great arms shy of winning a division and the Astros are just now getting all of the cobwebs cleared out. Keuchel is now even up on the year at 8-8 and this first held of the season was not all that kind to his pitching prowess. He does however, seem to have his act together as of late.

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The Astros send Jason Verlander to the hill on Saturday and McCullers on Sunday! Look, lets face it, this is real bad for the Angels, very bad! Both Verlander and McCullers have a very good chance to win the American League Cy young awards and they are both hot. The Astros are no doubt the team to watch closely as well as the Mariners and the Boston Red Sox.

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The Red Sox are no secret and they are the odds on favorites to win the World Series for a good reason; they are the best team in baseball. This team has turned the corner from last year and they are figuring everything out. They will be fun to watch and most definitely fun to bet on. Find a great online bookie that caters to baseball and that will offer a great baseball bonus. A great bonus is a great thing in baseball. The Key is patience. Be patient when betting baseball and you will bet the bookie. Good luck.

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