October 19, 2020

Good News!NBA facilities will begin to reopen on May 1.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel ?
Good news earlier today that NBA players will be allowed to return to team training facilities starting Friday, provided that their local governments do not have a stay-at-home order prohibiting such movement still in place as part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

I can’t and the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors to get back at it but you’d be hard pressed to see me at Scotiabank Area for any game unless everyone’s wearing a mask and our cases have dropped to something close to zero.

Any workouts that take place would be voluntary and be limited to individual sessions only, according to a person familiar with the league’s decision

Group practices would not be allowed yet, and teams will not yet be permitted to organize in-person workouts.

For those teams in cities where stay-at-home orders still make such a return impossible, the NBA said it would work to find “alternative arrangements,” the person with knowledge of the matter said.

This move does not mean that a resumption of games is imminent. Still, the decision to let teams back into facilities is a significant step

We are still in a “Holding Pattern” but any as stated there is light at the end of the tunnel let’s hope for our sake it’s not a train looking to pass through.