October 19, 2020

Famous Sports Bettor Billy Walters Released From Prison

This was not a version of the classic game Monopoly where you land on the spot and use a ” get out of jail free card”.

This past week we heard rumblings out of Las Vegas that legendary sports bettor Billy Walters would be heading home from prison on an early release.

If you don’t remember Billy was sentenced to 5 years in prison back in July of 2017 after being convicted of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy charges.

The 73-year-old Walters was supposed to have been eligible to apply for a home confinement transfer in January, based in part on his age, as well as the fact that he’s served more than half his sentence and the fact that his crime didn’t involve violence.Walters would be released from the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida.

Walters was a renowned betting shark, both in Nevada casinos and at some of the more risk-tolerant internationally licensed online sportsbooks. We have uncovered a great clip from the 60 minute interview he did a few years back.

Walters was convicted not for how he betting on sports but for what did did with information trading shares in Fortune 500 company Dean Foods.Walters reportedly earned as much as $32 m and avoided losses of $11 m by trading on info provided by Thomas Davis who was a chairman on the board of Dean Food.

If I was a betting man I’m sure the books in Las Vegas once they re-open will be shaking in their boots if Billy still has that magic touch when it comes to sports betting.