College Football Opening Weekend – Miami vs. LSU

NCAA College Football fans have waited a long time for this weekend and the patience has paid off- because it’s football time baby! Once again, it’s that time of year when we start thinking about point spreads, money lines, totals and all the ways to bet on football. There certainly are a lot of great options and this year, there are a lot of great teams. It seems that as the years go by, the teams get better and the conferences get tougher.

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It seems absurd to think of the PAC 12 as the weakest conference in the “Power Five” however, that seems to be the consensus. The Big 10 is a juggernaut, this conference has it all and they will be tough. What a great conference they are to bet on this year. Be careful when you think that Alabama may be taking a step back! That’s what is said every year! It’s time to find a fantastic online sports betting site and get in. Find a great bonus and start winning this first weekend.

Miami vs LSU

Sunday, September 2nd

7:30 pm EST ABC

AT&T Stadium, Arlington Texas

This game is maybe the best test of wills all weekend long, The Washington vs Auburn is a second runner up, but this affair promises to be a slug fest and on a neutral field in Dallas, Texas. The fun starts with the defense in this game and the “chain gang will come to play ball and come to take away the ball. Now, LSU will certainly have different plans but remember one thing; name one offensive star for the Tigers! You see, not so easy now is it? Again, this game is all about the Defensive stars.

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With names such as Devin White for LSU, and K’Lavon Chaisson. They will get after the Cain’s, you can count on a hassle from the defense. The Tigers won 9 games last season and it wasn’t enough. They must find a way to dig deep and beat the Hurricanes in this game or their season is over on Monday night! It’s that simple. Tigers QB Joe Burrow has a lot to prove after transferring from Ohio State, this is his time to shine. LSU has a tough road ahead of them and it will be a miracle if they can get out of the first four games at 2-2! A win against Miami will go a very long ways to ensure that coach Oregon, keeps a place at the table!

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What we think the final outcome will look like? After the dust settles on what will be a clash of the defensive titans in Dallas, this one looks to be a 24-17 kind of game and one that Miami controls throughout. Look for the Cain’s to hang tough and avenge the three straight losses dating back to last season.

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No matter who you like or who you root for in college football the one thing that matters is the very idea that football is back and it all kicks off this weekend. The Miami/LSU game is fantastic and there are many from week to week that will prove to be special. Find a great online bookie and find a great handicapping service that can steer you in the right direction.  Betting college football is a lot of fun, but it can certainly be a challenge with no help. Get some help, have a lot of fun and prepare yourself to be a winner this year.

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