College Football – Big 10 Betting Action: Wisconsin vs. Michigan

This weekend promises to be fun and the college football action will be better than ever. There are more than a few great games all over the Top 25 board this week but we want to focus in on one that we think is the most fun, from a betting perspective. Now that college football is in the heart of conference play, many of these contests are not as predictable as the first couple of weeks. All of a sudden, things have tightened up, teams are clamping down and every game is a must win.

Betting College Football – How to Make Money

In college football there is simply no room for error. There isn’t one team that can afford a loss and especially not two losses. Michigan is a great example of this. They started out the season in typical Jim Harbaugh fashion, with a loss! They looked slow, they were horrible and they looked like a team from the geriatric ward of the local nursing home. They lost to Notre Dame by a final score of 24-17. But since then, they have poured it on and they need to pour it on in every game going forward. They must not slow down, the selection committee will be looking at every play, every down and every screw up. Michigan must cover the point spread from here on out or they will probably miss the “Big Six” Playoffs.

#15 Wisconsin vs. #12 Michigan

This game will be a classic and you can rest assured that Michigan will run away from nobody. Yes, this affair is in the “big house” and although that certainly makes a difference with a raucous home crowd, Wisconsin will be ready. This game is a setup that basically says, “whoever loses, lost their chance at the “Big Six”. This game is that important. Wisconsin cannot afford a two loss season, neither can Michigan. Ohio State, Penn State, Clemson and Alabama, they can probably get away wit a two loss season, not the case with Michigan and Wisconsin.

How to Stay Ahead of the Bookies

Wisconsin wins if…

They pound the rock down Michigan’s throat and do it early. Jonathan Taylor must have a huge game. Both Wisconsin and Michigan have a very solid defense coming into this contest with Wisconsin giving up 16.4 ppg. And Michigan giving up just 15.8 ppg. Wisconsin is scoring 33.8 ppg which is 5 points less than the Wolverines, however, total yards, plays out to the Badgers at 480.2 ppg and Michigan’s 420.7. These numbers may mean something to the passing game for Michigan but the number that really means something to Wisconsin, is rushing yards. The Badgers come in with 287 rushing yard per game against Michigan’s 199.8. This is a significant difference. Wisconsin must establish the running game early and they must convert 3rd downs or they are doomed. They will go toe to toe with Michigan passing but must stay a step ahead on the ground.

Offshore Bookies vs Brick and Mortar, What’s Better?

Michigan wins if…

They listen to Jim Harbaugh and do not go off on a tangent! This team tends to do their own thing at times and that can lead to trouble. They have certainly corrected the error of their ways since the Notre Dame loss but nearly blew it against North Western. Every other game for Michigan has been a blow out win. Michigan must stay disciplined, protect the rock and Patterson must have a good game. He doesn’t have to be Joe Montana, what Michigan does well is run, pass, run, pass. They must convert on 3rd or just like Wisconsin, they are doomed. Patterson is not a big gun quarterback but he is solid and if he can stay a step ahead of Wisconsin’s passing game, the running game can do their job, and get the win.

Reading Sports Odds – A quick Reminder

At the end of the day, Wisconsin is +7 ½ -110, Michigan is -7 ½ -110 with a total (O/U) of 47 ½. The Money line for this game is Wisconsin +240, Michigan -315.

There are a couple of great ways to bet this game— Michigan is going to win this contest but as we know, the money line is -315 that’s a high (standalone) price to pay. Here is what you must do…

Parlay: $100 to win $116 to Pay $216— Penn State money line -555— Michigan money line -315— West Virginia money line -255. With these three money line bets that are very solid picks, you win $16 more than even money! Not bad!

Teaser: 6 points— $100 to win $170 to pay $270 — Michigan -1 ½ — West Virginia PK— Penn State -7 ½

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