October 23, 2020

NHL Consensus

Can and will the NHL return this season?

As the NHL faces billions in lost revenue we wonder weather or not the remainder of the season will get scrapped or will there be a way to get all or a portion of the games and playoffs completed in 2020.

Right now frequent testing would be an important part of any scenario the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association consider for resuming the season,

One time table proposed which would have players returning to their home rinks as early as May 15, followed by a training camp and possible exhibition games in June.

The NHL board of directors will be meeting this week to go over a few plans and hopefully find a safe common ground to either resume the season or they will be making the call to scrap the remainder of this years games.

The best case scenario would be the regular season resuming in July, with the Stanley Cup awarded in September.

Last week NHL commissioner said “Among the scenarios we’re looking at is potentially as many as four [cities] because we need a lot of ice,”

We will wait to see how this unfolds in the days ahead.

Other news on the NHL front. The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Mikko Lehtonen to a one-year, entry-level contract Monday, choosing Toronto from a long list of available NHL teams.

Lehtonen was never drafted by an NHL team. Lehtonen won gold with Finland at the 2019 IIHF World Hockey Championship and was named to the tournament all-star team.

Odds To Win The Stanley Cup 2020

Boston Bruins+600
Colorado Avalanche+700
Tampa Bay Lightning+700
Vegas Golden Knights+700
Philadelphia Flyers+800
St. Louis Blues+1000
Washington Capitals+1400
Pittsburgh Penguins+1500
Dallas Stars+1800
Nashville Predators+1800
Toronto Maple Leafs+1800
Edmonton Oilers+2000
Vancouver Canucks+3300
Calgary Flames+4000
Carolina Hurricanes+4000
Arizona Coyotes+5000
Minnesota Wild+5000
Winnipeg Jets+6000
Florida Panthers+6600
New York Islanders+6600
New York Rangers+6600
Columbus Blue Jackets+10000
Chicago Blackhawks+25000
Montreal Canadiens+100000